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You Can't Out-Give God

The title of my first post on my very own website, is a truth I will never get over.

Ten years ago my pastor said it and I've been trying to see if I could prove him wrong ever since. After a decade of giving, I can verify that he was right.

It started with my husband and I giving away 10% of our paycheck. We saw the Biblical call to tithing and recognized the privilege of being able to look back over thousands of years and untold amounts of people across the globe giving their first and best to the Lord. Deciding that they had already proven the hypothesis, we stepped in. We were just starting our marriage and careers. We had small incomes and big college loans. When we added up what we owed and what was coming in, there wasn't an extra 10%. The only way to do this was to give the 10% upfront and believe for the rest. When payday came, we wrote our first check to the Church. Knowing that we were giving and spending more than our salaries could cover was unsettling at best, but we decided that if God was who He says He is, He would prove Himself up to the task. Somehow, we paid all our bills that month. We recalculated, wondering if we had somehow gotten the basic math wrong. It didn't seem to make sense, but we had known Jesus long enough to realize that He often operates outside human logic. The next month, we did it again. We tried not to think of all the things we could do with that sizeable amount. We watched our friends and neighbors buy and do things that we envied. We threw internal tantrums and then drug ourselves to the cross, reminding each other that Jesus is our treasure. Miraculously, we came to the end of the month with enough to cover all our bills. The next month, we again started with giving and ended with a bit MORE than enough. This cycle has wound its way through an entire decade of our lives. Our generosity has grown. Our giving has expanded. We've never once come up short.

Giving in big, sacrificial and small, mundane ways has become the great adventure of our lives. It's astonishing to see our gifts expand into jaw-dropping miracles in the hands of our capable, loving God. We will never stop. When we are challenged to give more, it is now a thrill that builds instead of anxiety. God has proven himself so very faithful and it has been our great JOY to know Him in this way.

As we've realized that money is not our only resource, the Spirit has led us to expand the idea of giving into many aspects of our life. Follow along with me on this website to hear the stories of raising generous kids, tithing beyond finances and living a generous life.

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