• leahwacek

Stubborn Generosity

Every time I see a dandelion poking it's sunny head up through the middle of a cement sidewalk, I think, "I want to be like that. And I want my kids to be like that, too."

I know these pesky weeds have a bad reputation of destroying beautiful yards, but I'm not referring to them in that way here. Although we do keep our yard clear of them for the sake of our neighborhood, I've learned over the years that dandelion root has cleansing and healing properties. Despite our hatred for how they multiply before our eyes, dandelions are commonly used in tea and tinctures throughout the world for soothing and relief. Yes, they are a pain, but they're not ONLY a nuisance. They've also got some really important qualities. I think that's what I like about them - their stubborn refusal to quit showing up and giving the world the good things they have to offer. I especially love seeing them smiling out of a crack in the sidewalk, saying, "I'll put some goodness here, right where it seems most impossible." And after they've had their turn to provide a splash of color to the world, they're so good at letting go and trusting the wind to multiply their goodness elsewhere.

Whether you love or hate them, I think we can agree on this: Dandelions are relentless in their bloom. They just won't stop reaching for the sky, opening up into a burst of color and spreading their seeds far and wide.

Living a generous life has its moments of being misunderstood, misrepresented, despised and rejected. Do it anyway. Bloom brightly in the most unexpected places and then release whatever goodness has been entrusted to you. Let it fly on the wind and plant opportunities for others to be generous, too.

I want to have the courage to keep blooming in the midst of all the heartache. Where are you showing your sunny face today? I'm cheering you on as you plant yourself in the hard places, despite how difficult the world is, no matter how much people despise your light. When it's your turn to shine, do it with all your might. When it's time to let go, trust the Lord to plant your talents, time and treasure in a place where it can multiply for His fame.

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