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Make Date Night an Opportunity to be Generous

Our first trip to a homeless shelter was for date night. Jason suggested it and I thought, "Why not?" It was one of our very best dates and we've been going back monthly ever since.

There's something about serving alongside someone you love that makes you see them with fresh eyes. We all know that keeping a home, managing jobs and raising kids can be draining. Unfortunately, over time, the things we were first attracted to in one another can turn into little annoyances over time.

Carving out some time to serve together can be just the remedy for re-focusing our eyes on the one we love and remembering why we fell in love in the first place.

When Jason jokes with the director, I am reminded how funny he is and how much I love the fact that he can talk to anyone. When tosses the football with a pre-teen boy he's never met, I fall in love all over again with what a good role-model he is for kids.

If you need a good re-set, here's the recipe:

- hire a sitter

- have an UNINTERRUPTED conversation in the car

- hang out with totally awesome people

- have ANOTHER conversation on the way home

- hold hands

- finish our sentences

We’ve served food at a homeless shelter, picked up trash, gone shopping together for a family in need, served at church, painted a house, hung out with other people’s kids and packed bags at the food shelf. Each time, we’ve been so blessed to work together to meet a need in our community.

Do you have any date night ideas to add to our list?

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