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How we choose where to invest

I'm often asked which organizations we love the most. Here's a list of places I could go on about for DAYS:

*His Haven Ranch - rural MN horse therapy program for youth

*New Day Church - our home church in New Prague. "Family" is not too strong a term for the way we feel about these people.

*Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos - orphanages in Europe and Latin America. We travel to and invest in a group of kids in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic. I have seen with my own eyes that they are doing at least ONE THOUSAND things right.

*Prison Fellowship - brings church services and mentoring programs to incarcerated populations. Their recidivism (tendency to reoffend after release from prison) rate is astonishingly LOW, which only goes to show that Jesus makes a difference.

*Compassion International - provides Christian programming, food, shelter and education for children in poverty-stricken areas all over the world.

*Union Gospel Mission - homeless shelters all over the nation. We partner, specifically, with the Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter and do most of our volunteering at Naomi House, a repurposed hotel that now provides housing for women and children.

*Feed My Starving Children - food packing for starving populations all over the world. We love this place so much, our kids have even hosted groups of friends here for their birthday parties.

*Treehouse - MN based counseling centers for teens - their mission is to "end hopelessness among teens".

We have researched each of these organizations to be sure they are faithful stewards of the finances and talents entrusted to them. They have sterling reputations. They work hard. They prioritize people. They will make very few headlines, but they are adding far more beauty to the world than can be quantified.

When deciding where to give, we have very few rules. We make sure that we have some local organizations and a few global partnerships as well. The places have to be transparent about the way they manage finances. If it isn't on their website, we ask. We have visited each of these places in person and have nothing but praises to sing about the bountiful crop of goodness they are harvesting every day.

This is our regular, consistent list, but we also love a spontaneous opportunity to invest when a need arises.

Do you have an organization that's worthy of an investment?

We're big on giving financially, but time is another resource we love to give away.

Share in the comments! We'd love to know about them.

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