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How to be generous during the wait

Our normal rhythms of generosity have been halted due to the shut downs and social distancing of the covid_19 pandemic and that's been frustrating, to say the least.

No prison visits. No serving meals at the homeless shelter. No hugs at the orphanage.

While this "pause" has given us time to reflect and save, we're READY to jump back in.

If you're in a season of waiting, here are some suggestions for staying generous until you get your green light:

  • Brainstorm with your family or a group of friends - what do you want to do? Who would you like to help?

  • Research places to give, either financially or through service.

  • Reach out to places you're interested in helping - sometimes it takes multiple emails and phone calls, not because they don't need the help, but because they're understaffed! Often times homeless shelters, food pantries, orphanages and other non-profits are stretched so thin that messages get lost in the shuffle. This has happened to me many times - persevere! Once you make a connection, they'll be so grateful for your help.

  • Do the boring parts - take care of background checks and go to any required trainings - many places require these humdrum tasks before hitting the ground running, especially if you're interested in working with people.

  • Get organized - update passports, look at your calendar, find possible dates, research flights, hotels, etc.

  • Save money.

  • Pray.

Giving big doesn't just happen, especially if you've got children or other friends and family involved. Like so many things, generosity requires a plan.

If you even a few of the items on this list into practice, you'll be ready to run when the restrictions lift. We're itching to get back out there and do the thing we love, but learning patience, having a strategy for giving and being organized is all part of the long game of living a generous life.

There's light at the end of the tunnel, friends! Hang in there!

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