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give away the thing you need most

When God gave the Israelites the command to tithe, He wasn't asking them to write a check.

We're so stuck on money being the thing the world needs.

Here's a thought: The world needs your energy, your friendship, your talents and your time. All those things require SOMETHING, but not necessarily a withdrawal from your bank account.

Don't get me wrong. Giving financially is something that we practice and promote. Money is a valuable resource that cannot be ignored.

However, Jesus warned us about putting all our importance there (Matthew 6:24). When we look at a hurting world and ask ourselves how we can help, money should be one tool in a box that holds many other options.

So, how do we decide what to give away? Our family rule is this: give away the thing you need most. Chances are ASTONISHINGLY high that someone else in your sphere of influence is feeling that same void.

Are you in need of friendship? Be a friend.

Are you in need of money? Write a check.

Could you use gas in your car? Fill up someone else's tank.

Do you need a job? Recommend someone else.

Is your house a mess? Clean up the park.

Are you short on time? Volunteer.

Would you love for someone to listen? Ask a question and stick around for the long answer.

Are your kids fighting? Tell another mom something valuable you've learned from watching her parent well.

Want a new book? Give your favorite away.

Are you sick? Pray for someone else's healing. Pay someone else's medical bills. Thank a nurse.

I am here to tell you that when I have a need, I find a way to give in that direction and the blessing comes back to me 100% of the time.

It's the upside down, inside out, radical Kingdom of God. It's the story of the 5 loaves and the 2 fish. We thank God for our little, give it to Him and watch Him multiply it back to us.

Every time our family has done this, without fail, we have seen a good measure, pressed down, overflowing into our laps.

Days open up in the calendar.

Checks appear in the mail.

Things fall into place.

People show up.

I can't explain it, but we have practiced this idea of radical generosity for over 10 years and the principle of giving what you need has never failed us. It's like tossing a boomerang into the clear blue, letting go completely and then, somehow, watching it come spinning back into your open hand. I dare you to try.

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