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Family Activities that Cultivate Generosity

My very first suggestion for getting kids on board with living a generous life is to have them help you brainstorm a list of places and ways to give. This is a teacher tip I tap into with my own kids: there will always be a higher buy-in for participation if the whole group has input. If you need a few thoughts to spark the conversation, here's a list of activities we do as a family that have turned us into the "giving gang":

  • write encouraging messages with sidewalk chalk

  • serve a meal or pack food at a homeless shelter

  • pick up trash in your neighborhood

  • offer to watch someone else's kids and have your own kids come up with the activities and menu for the day

  • make a meal for a family or a group and deliver it

  • plan a trip with the intent of serving

  • make treats and deliver for neighbors

  • have a bake sale/lemonade stand and donate the profits to a charity you love

  • do a free car wash in your driveway

  • fill up an extra bag of non-perishables the next time you're at the grocery store - keep it in your vehicle - you'll be ready to offer real help to a homeless person next time you see one

  • do a book drive

  • stick some cash in a box of diapers or under the lid of a formula container the next time you're at the grocery store

  • do a food drive

  • pass out bottles of cold water or freezies at a sporting event

I love to brainstorm with the kids seasonally. In winter months, we add "shoveling for neighbors before they get home" to the list. In warmer months, we add "buy flowers for someone's doorstep and ding-dong ditch them" to the list. They seem to especially love ideas that involve being sneaky. :)

We have a list going on the fridge that we can see daily and check off activities as we do them. It seems to keep us all in the spirit if we can see what we've accomplished.

Which of these do you think would fit your family's giving style? Tell me in the comments!

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